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2030Vision seeks to fast track advanced technologies to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in an inclusive manner. The World Economic Forum hosts the Secretariat of 2030Vision in support of this.

2030Vision is a newly formed integration, merging the 2030Vision Partnership Initiative launched by Arm in December 2017 with the Frontier 2030 initiative launched by the World Economic Forum in January 2020. In recognition of a strong alignment in values and mission across the initiatives, the two entities have joined forces to scale up efforts together. Moving forward the initiative will be known as 2030Vision and it will be co-owned and developed by its founding partners and co-chaired by Simon Segars, CEO of Arm and Achim Steiner, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In this new form it will serves as a global focal point for the mobilization of a more concerted and cooperative effort to apply advanced technologies to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2030Vision is led by the 2030Vision Leaders Group, consisting of executives from all partner organisations. Each partner assigns delegates to 2030Vision, which collaborate on projects through working groups. Our working groups are organized around three programme pillars focused on country implementation, data collaboration and solution scaling.


2030Vision Leaders Group

This 2030Vision Leaders Group will shape an ambitious agenda setting specific commitments and actions to harness 4IR technology for positive societal outcomes, as set out by the Global Goals. This group will work together to drive convergence to create the enabling conditions for scale and impact across a range of emerging collaborations in the nascent space.

2030Vision Working Group

The 2030Vision Working Group will actively take part in driving projects forward on a more regular basis to bring the programme pillars to life and to action the commitments of the Leaders Group, representing the senior member of the Leaders Group from their organization as a proxy when needed.



Country Technology Partnerships

Country leaders are looking for solutions to their most pressing national priorities and challenges. At the same time, technologies are fast-advancing with little links between their immediate use and strategic social and environmental agendas. This pillar will shape a country partnership mechanism to work with government leadership to bridge global technologies expertise and policy design to ensure positive public good outcomes.

Incubator for Global innovations

Some global public goods require international, cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnerships. The Amazon rainforest or our oceans are examples. This global incubator will focus on specific use cases of how we can unleash breakthrough innovations against global issues that know no borders.

Data Collaborative for Global Goals

While the potential of the big data revolution to help solve social and environmental challenges is enormous, it has not been fully realised. This pillar will explore data governance and application principles for a robust digital ecosystem for the Global Goals, as well as incentives and business models that unlock the value of data for all.

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