Urban Tech Bets: Smart Recruiting

This project identifies opportunities provided by platforms that connect individuals and employers with workers in the informal economy for one-off or short-term jobs -- using matching algorithms to recommend the most suitable candidates for customers, and providing additional protection and security for workers.

The Challenge

156 million or 37.7% of employed youth are in extreme or moderate poverty; a further 13% of youth are unemployed.

The economy does not create enough formal employment.

People living in and near poverty lack safety nets.

Job markets do not create equal opportunities.

It is hard to keep institutions accountable.

For more detail on the research, including smart recruiting opportunities, please visit Urban Tech Bets.

Project Aims

We aim to realize the immense potential of Smart Recruiting for the Informal Economy to provide employment opportunities -- while ensuring safe, secure and fair conditions -- for up to 600 million women around the world.

Predicted Outcomes

Allow people the flexibility to work when and where it suits them.

Ensure workers are receiving fair wages and have fair working hours.

Incorporate processes, procedures, and tools for gathering workers’ feedback.

Help remove unnecessary barriers to employment (e.g. help people get jobs where they have the skills, but not necessarily the certificate).

Encourage professional development (e.g. by offering subsidized training to access new types of work).

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