Urban Tech Bets: Smart Water Metering

This project supports the development of IoT networks of sensors and meters to monitor the flow and/or quality of water through the network to identify leakages and aggregate water revenues, ultimately improving accessing to clean, fairly-priced water.

Project Aims

To provide consistent, safe, affordable water to urban communities. In turn, improving access to water improves safety for women and girls who are usually responsible for collecting water.

The Challenge

844 million people live without access to safe water. Some of the key underlying causes are:

  • It is expensive to connect people to piped water leading to rent-seeking behavior
  • Operating a water network requires good planning and management.
  • Supply is stressed: There is enough freshwater for everyone, but in reality many cities are not situated close to sufficient water sources, or it has been polluted.

For more detail on the research, including water metering opportunities, please visit Urban Tech Bets.

Predicted Outcomes

  • Create savings and efficiencies for water providers to expand their reach, consistency and/or affordability
  • Are well- integrated with payment system (e.g. through mobile payments)
  • Are installed with the involvement of the community (reducing risk of sabotage and increasing user adoption)
  • Are suitable for different types of connection points (including in-home, and shared connections)
  • Incorporate sensors which measure quality as well as flow (and make this data accessible and understandable for customers to track their consumption

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