Urban Tech Bets: Multi-Modal Skilling

This project delivers services that mix digital learning with in-person mentoring to expand access to the skills (and certificates or qualifications) that people need to get better jobs, and often directly link learners to employers.

The Challenge

Worldwide, more than 200 million people are unemployed but 38% of employers say it is difficult to fill vacant positions with adequately trained talent. This can be linked to following issues:

  • Universities and vocational skills providers do not understand the job market
  • Employers report that graduates of universities and many vocational skills programs lack the hard and soft skills that are needed to succeed in the 21st century economy.
  • It is expensive to provide skilling and programs are often underfunded.
  • It is hard to keep institutions accountable.

For more detail on the research, including multi-modal skilling opportunities, please visit Urban Tech Bets.

Project Aims

We aim to support a reduction in youth employment through the provision of a high quality mix of in person and digital support. The goal is to develop excellent content and partnerships with innovators to deliver to young people. We look to collaborate on open certification to standardise skills internationally, and help build the evidence for Multi Modal Skilling to establish optimal models for combining online and offline skilling.

Predicted Outcomes

  • Provide students with opportunities to apply what they learn in real-world settings.
  • Offer skilling technologies that are more affordable (including both course costs and other costs such as materials).
  • Increase flexibility to learn when and where it works best for students.
  • Connect students to a network of peers, teachers, mentors, and experts, mixing one-way communication (e.g. video lectures) with interaction (e.g. study chat rooms).
  • Provide links to employers, through mentorships, internships, or innovative partnerships with employers.

Our Partners

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