Urban Tech Bets: Commuter Ride Sharing

This project highlights car-pooling services offered to workers by employers to ensure that they get to work safely, to reduce their impact on the environment, and to reduce the time wasted traveling to work.

The Challenge

Residents of cities like Mexico City spend 5.5 weeks of work time in traffic each year.

  • More people are travelling further.
  • It is hard to keep travellers safe.
  • It is expensive to build a fair public transport system.
  • Cities face a legacy of underinvestment and poor city planning.

For more detail on the research, including commuter ride-sharing opportunities, please visit Urban Tech Bets.

Project Aims

We note the potential of Commuter Ride-Sharing to provide safer, more efficient, and better quality transportation for 350 million people around the  world. In particular, we seek to develop and champion these ride sharing innovations that can spare millions of women and girls exposure to unsafe transportation environments, and decrease overall time spent in transit.

Predicted Outcomes

  • Develop business models which make ride-sharing affordable for commuters (e.g. by working with employers to subsidize commutes etc.)
  • Make safety a number one priority and create product features that enhance the safety of riders and drivers.
  • Create a more enjoyable riding experience for passengers.
  • Implement product features and updates that ensure the most efficient rides possible.
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