The Challenge

U-Report is a social messaging tool that is free to everyone, wherever you are in the world, to speak out on development issues, support child rights and improve our communities. U-Report exists as a mobile empowerment programme that connects young people all over the world to their governments and decision makers, shares lifesaving and life changing information, and enhances accountability of programmes for children.

Project Aims

U-Report is a social platform created by UNICEF, available via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and Viber where young people express their opinion and be positive agent of change in their communities. We use it to:
Whether it’s to empower young people through health related information, or alert them to potential emergency situations, U-Report is a platform to provide vital life-saving information.
Increasingly U-Report allows two way communication for young people to access personalised information and report on problems they experience in their communities.
U-Report is a programme for young people to have their voices heard by governments. We conduct polls that result in local and national action.

Predicted Outcomes

We aim to reach 100 million U-Reporters in order to improve their access to the information and services they need. To do this we need support to advance the technology:

U-Report investments drive four types of value:
Scale: Funders partner with U-Report and instantly see a return on their investment as U-Report growth accelerates.  
Platform Development:  UNICEF is already investing in an open source AI platform that will help young people better understand health, education and protection rights and issues
Data: partners in data science to help us  better analyse, map and make more accessible to researchers and academics, the 40 million messages we receive each year.
Content: design, journalism and development partners to create youth friendly content that our bots can easily deliver once the “intent” of messages we receive has been defined.

Did you know ?