Data Science Africa

Data Science Africa is a non-profit knowledge sharing professional group that aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners working on data science and machine learning methods and applications relevant to Africa, and providing training on state of the art data science methods to students and others interested in developing practical skills.

The Challenge

There are multiple health, agricultural and environmental conservation challenges being faced in Africa. Leveraging machine learning is one way to address these challenges. 

Project Aims

Since 2013, DSA has been organizing  an annual summer school and workshop on machine learning and data science aimed at increasing expertise in this exciting field in Africa. Lecturers at the summer school and workshop participants include researchers and practitioners from the academia, private and public institutions across the world.

Data from a vast array of sources is becoming available in many African countries and machine learning and analysis are being applied to solve real problems on the ground. We want to empower a new generation of practitioners who will help develop data science methods to provide home grown solutions relevant to Africa.

Predicted Outcomes

We at Data Science Africa aim to create a vibrant community of data science researchers across Africa by;

  • Providing an index of researchers and practitioners in the field of Data Science in Africa
  • Increasing expertise in machine learning and data science through our summer schools
  • Providing an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to showcase their work during our workshops
  • Providing a link between the African data science community and the global community
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