University of Cambridge - Judge Business School

The business school of the University of Cambridge, advancing knowledge and leadership through people who leave a mark on the world. Cambridge Judge Business School is in the business of transformation - of individuals, of organisations and society.

Cambridge Judge Business School works with students and organisations at a deep level, identifying important problems and questions, challenging and coaching people to find answers, and creating new knowledge. It brings forward the latest thinking from academia and professional practice, and applies its combined knowledge to specific business situations to turn it into action. The School believes in encouraging and supporting people to create new products and businesses, pursuing goals for intellectual gain, and contributing to social enterprise. It contributes to society by building sustainability into the heart of its business education and research. This combination of the latest thinking from academia and professional practice, in turn, enables the School to develop greater knowledge and better methods in order to have an impact on the world in which we live and work.

In 2018 Cambridge Judge Business School was established as a Study Centre for Cambridge Digital Innovation. Cambridge Digital Innovation aims to stimulate interaction between industry professionals, policy makers, academics, and students on the digital revolution. Its mission is to improve lives through collaborative innovation. This is done by brokering knowledge exchange between academia, industry, and policy across digital innovation ecosystems globally.

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