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Achieving the Global Goals and unlocking their commercial potential through 2030Vision will only be possible through collaboration. We will need to deploy our collective resources and expertise wisely. The scale of the challenges ahead and the potential rewards demand nothing less.

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25-40%Potential amount of reduced waste using smart sensors
300mPeople could be fed from food lost in Africa
1/3rdall food is lost or wasted each year

Global hunger has been on the rise since 2014

Hunger and malnutrition are global issues. Even where there is rarely actual scarcity of food, unhealthy diets and lack of access to nutritious food pose significant health challenges. The majority of undernourished people live in developing or conflict-affected countries. Africa and South-East Asia account for the majority of the world’s hungry and stunted children. 60% of malnourished people in the world live in countries affected by conflict.

smallholder farmers are going to need support from capital and technology to help facilitate a whole generation to change behaviours in crop agriculture in the global south. Marc Diaz, TNC