2030Vision present a new paper on the state of play of artificial intelligence and the sustainable development goals

To realise a peaceful and prosperous world for all people and the planet by 2030, we must channel the transformative power of artificial intelligence towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In our new paper we explore how artificial intelligence (AI) provides an opportunity to understand and solve the framework for good agreed in 2015 by 193 countries: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The capabilities of AI – including automating routine tasks, analyzing big data, and bringing intelligence and learning to various processes – expand our capacity to understand and solve complex, dynamic, and interconnected global challenges such as the SDGs.

With 10 years remaining to achieve the ambitions outlined in the SDGs, we must strengthen and quicken the pace of our efforts.

We must address concerns such as job displacement and social manipulation, design and develop the technology safely and inclusively, and ensure equitable access to its benefits.

Guided by the SDGs, it is now up to all of us – businesses, governments, academia, multilateral institutions, NGOs, and others - to work together to accelerate and scale the development and use of AI.

Read 2030Vision’s paper “Artificial Intelligence and the Sustainable Development Goals: The State of Play.”

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