Introducing 2030Vision

Our ambition is to transform the use of technology through collaborative Partnerships and innovative Projects, to support the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) and unlock the commercial opportunities they offer, by identifying and scaling impactful technologies through multi-sector partnerships.

The tech industry is built on the belief that every challenge, no matter how big, has a solution and tech has already been a positive force in solving challenges. In the last ten years, tech has become more embedded in our lives, connecting millions of devices and billions of people. It has advanced our lifestyles, allowing us to share knowledge and ideas, connect with loved ones and even improve our health. But the next ten years will demand that tech thinks bigger and bolder than it ever has before. January 2020 marks the start of the decade humanity has to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, the biggest most pressing challenges facing the world.

We need to put tech to the task of helping us get there. It’s going to take unprecedented collaboration amongst some of the world’s biggest players and brightest minds. From data analytics and providers to delivery partners on the ground, we need a continuum of diverse partners working together to improve the quality and pace of innovation needed. That’s where 2030Vision comes in. Founded and funded by Arm, 2030Vision is built on the belief that tech has the potential to drive global progress towards the Goals. As we count down to the start of the decade to deliver, we are working together, asking ourselves how we as an industry can best serve the change the world needs.

Our Latest Projects

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Since 2017, Deep Learning Indaba has enabled a yearly pilgrimage of students, researchers and developers to …

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Smart Fin

Smartfin is both a surfboard fin with research grade ocean health sensors and a community-building initiative …

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U-Report is a mobile empowerment programme that connects young people all over the world to their governments …

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Latest News & Events

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