Introducing 2030Vision

Our ambition is to transform the use of technology through collaborative Partnerships and innovative Projects, to support the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) and unlock the commercial opportunities they offer, by identifying and scaling impactful technologies through multi-sector partnerships.

Our Latest Projects

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Smart Fin

Smartfin is both a surfboard fin with research grade ocean health sensors and a community-building initiative …

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U-Report is a mobile empowerment programme that connects young people all over the world to their governments …

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Urban Tech Bets: Digital Learning

This project identifies digital technologies that deliver positive social impacts for children and their …

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Seeking Funding | Technology expertise

Urban Tech Bets: Smart Water Metering

This project supports the development of IoT networks of sensors and meters to monitor the flow and/or …

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Latest News & Events

2030Vision - Uniting to Deliver Technology for the Global Goals

The 2030Vision Full Report authored by leading think tank SustainAbility," Uniting to Deliver Technology for …

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Urban Emerging Tech Could Change 2 Billion Lives and Make $2 Trillion in Revenue

Ground-breaking new research revealing that over 2 billion lives can be changed by investing in emerging …

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Micro:bit & World's Largest Lesson Global Challenge for young people

Using the BBC micro:bit, we want young people to design and make a solution to a problem that affects your …

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